A Growing Fleet for Transport in Sydney & Melbourne

Flash Line has an outstanding fleet of trucks that are impeccably maintained and growing rapidly. They are very well maintained and perfect for all of your Sydney & Melbourne Metro or Regional NSW & VIC requirements. Our drivers, trucks and processes are certified with HACCP & Food Authority, ensuring your deliveries arrive safely and ready for consumption. Transport with Flash Line Transport’s fleet is a safe bet for businesses of all sizes in Sydney, especially those in the fresh food business with a cold-chain requirement.

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Airfreight Services by Flash Line Transport

Flash Line Transport can be your one stop transportation company. Our Air Freight Service covers Interstate Air freight deliveries between 2 major cities, Melbourne & Sydney. Our door-to-door delivery service ensures that your goods arrive at your destination on time, safely and with the maximum freshness. Our process allows us to give you a door-to-door, overnight and refrigerated service. If next-day receipt is not available, we can offer you storage for next day delivery.

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A Family Business That’ll Move Mountains

Flash Line is a family business in Sydney that works hard to ensure your deliveries. With our solutions-focused approach to freight services, your goods will be delivered in-full and on-time, with care, precision and expert processes. As a professional partner specialising in fresh foods, you can guarantee that the imperative cold-chain process will stay unbroken with Flash Line.

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Always Available for You

The Flash Line Team is always ready to solve your problems as they occur. The volatile business of fresh fruit & vegetables requires constant care and attention. Flash Line has delivered consistently for years, meeting the demands of these fast-paced businesses.

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Flash Line’s Difference: Solutions, not just Drivers & Trucks

Delivery in-full & on-time is easy to say but can be hard to guarantee. Flash Line Transport has a team of experienced drivers that understand the difference between driving and providing logistics solutions. This is the Flash Line difference. Our drivers are dedicated to their work, Flash Line works as a team, collectively responsible for delivering your goods in-full and on-time around Sydney & Melbourne Metro and Regional NSW, VIC.

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Near & Far Destinations

With Indy at the helm and our team of logistics experts, Flash Line Transports takes the pain away from the headache of short and long distance drops. We have had years of hands-on experience in this business that has given us the skills and knowledge to plan & prepare for successfully taking away your logistics headache.

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